Sue Nelson's chocolate cake

Sue Nelson’s chocolate cake (she is Aunt Roma’s daughter)

• Just so you know, this is an eggless cake• It has to be stirred with a spoon – a beater will beat out the rising action

Sift together: (I actually didn’t – just put it all in a bowl – but I did stir it together)• 3 Cps flour• 2 Cps sugar• 2 tsp soda• 1 tsp salt• 4 Tbsp cocoa roundedAdd• 2 Tsp vanilla• 1 Cp salad oil• 2 Cp really warm water• Mix the above together (into the flour) with a spoon• Then gently stir in 1 TBSP vinegar STIR WITH A SPOON – don’t be too vigorous – will deflate the soda and vinegar actionBake 350’ 40 – 45 min.

Melt in pan on low till melted• 2 Tbsp butter• 2 Tbsp dark Karo syrup (I just use regular)Mix in bowl• 2 Cp Sugar• 3 Tbsp Cocoa• 1 Cp half & half OR Evaporated Milk OR Whipping Cream• Dash of SaltWhen Karo comes to boil, pour other mixture into the middle DON’T TOUCH! Cook between med and med-hi to SOFT, SOFT ball stage (when a little is put in a cup of cold water, it will just barely start to hang together to form a ball). Pour immediately onto cake that has had holes punched all over in it. When cooled, spread whipped cream all over the top just before serving.

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