Ranch Potatoes

These potatoes are SO good and SO easy!  They make a great alternative to french fries when served with hamburgers, but could go with about anything.
You will need:
2 lbs red potatoes (or whatever kind you have, I have tried all varieties and they all work great!)
1 packet dry Ranch Dressing mix (2 to 3 TB)
2 TB vegetable oil
You could add a variety of vegetables to go with the potatoes as well.  Strips of green pepper, carrots, slices of onion would all be good with this.

Scrub potatoes clean and slice them into bite-sized pieces (leave skins on).   Put potatoes in a gallon zip lock bag with the dry Ranch Dressing mix and oil.  Shake it until potatoes are well coated.  Spray a baking sheet (with sides on it) with cooking spray.  Don't use foil, it sticks to it.  If you spray the pan first it cleans easily.

Bake at 450 for 35 minutes or so.  We leave them in until they are really toasted and a little crispy on the outside.  Sometimes I sprinkle the potatoes with a little coarse salt, just because I like coarse salt on potatoes.

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