Bread Maker Bread

It's really easy (I got this from Mama Bigler).
Add the following into the bread making machine in this order:

* 1 C and 3T warm/hot water
* 1T potato flakes (rounded)
* 1T powdered milk
* 1t lemon juice
* 2T oil
* 2T sugar
* 1t salt
* 3 C flour
* 2t yeast
* 1T sour cream

Press the desired time on your bread maker. I let the machine do it's thing. Right before it decides to cook it, I take it out, mix it again and knead it, put it in my own bread pan, let it rise and cook it on 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. It's delicious, light and fluffy :)

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  1. I don't aerate the flour and sometimes I add 2 tablespoons flour. Be aware if you change altitudes, this recipe does have to have adaptions, or so Aunt Lynne said when she tried to make it in St George at a lessor altitude. Great job, Brenda! Thanks for posting it and for the great picture!


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